Wednesday, March 26, 2014


This post is inspired by last year's post 23.

Just a short list of things you do when you're 24.

1. Calvin and I bought our first home!
2. I quit a job had a few months off and got a new job
3. Ventured into film photography which i'm going to continue learning about. Started my photography business which I plan to continue putting more effort into in the future.
4. Bought our first TV and first couches (haha yes took us this long!)
5. Sent my younger brother off to an LDS mission
6. Had a pretty spoiled 3 week business trip
7. Went to visit my family in Memphis 3 times
8. Trained for my second marathon-- although it was cancelled I still completed the training
9. Said goodbye to the Schrammparents as they ventured to Chile :(
9.5 Started enjoying sushi

Places Traveled -- It was definitely an east coast year!
1. Savannah GA
2. Charleston SC
3. Washington DC
4. NYC, NY
5. Boston, MA
6. Pensacola, FL
7. Hilton Head Island, SC
8. Memphis, TN
9. Atlanta GA
10. Topsail Island, NC
11. Columbia, SC
12. Walden Pond

This is what I can think of right now but wow has it been a wonderful year. We traveled many places on the east coast and had a blast exploring. Went on multiple beach and camping trips as well. We learned some lessons being first time homeowners. I am so blessed to experience life with my Calvin Edward. He is really the most amazing man on this earth. If you know him you probably believe me. He is so positive and happy and makes me laugh through the good and bad times that life inevitably brings. He cooks and cleans better than I do and is always looking for ways to spend fun time together. I love him. He is so excited to be a dad and I know all of his attributes will be such a benefit for us as first time parents this year.

see you when i'm 25. 24 -- keep it real.