Sunday, March 23, 2014

the home stretch.

It has been a busy week to say the least!

The weekend was filled with house work and chores outside. Saturday chores are a whole different thing when you aren't told by your parents to do them...a lot more fun!

The work week went by relatively fast as well-- I was involved in a youth activity for our church and calvin is busy with cub scouts also for our church so our Wednesdays are devoted to that.

Calvin made some delicious dinners this week and has been bbqing quite a bit as the weather has been nicer. It has been randomly dipping down back to the 50's but can't complain too much with it mostly being upper 60's and 70's. Calvin also stained the deck and put up some new lighting fixtures in the home-- i've said it before but i can't stand putting up lighting fixtures--- not like i do anything but for some reason i loathe it.

I've been updating the inside of our home as well. The reoccurring theme of the week is that pillows are still so stinkin' expensive--but I finally bit the bullet.

We went for some sushi as well Friday night-- a small place here in South Charlotte and it was my absolute favorite so far. I ran 3 miles Saturday morning. It's been getting so much tougher to run but I go slow and try and not focus on my swollen feet. Calvin has been running at nights and runs 7 or 8 miles in a little over in an hour like it's nothing-- miss those days but have to accept this season of my life I can't run like I used to so I've kept up on my pregnancy yoga youtube videos in the morning. New for me but it's been fun to learn.

As for pregnancy-- it's been going well! Baby girl is growing a lot. I am going in for my gestational diabetes testing stuff this week with another ultrasound. I hit my third trimester and certainly now look like it! We have some names we kinda like but I can't believe how hard it is for me to think of names! We'll get there. When I lay down you can see my stomach moving and jiggling from her kicks.  There are definitely certain times of the day when I can expect her to move nonstop.

I also turn a quarter of a century this week so I've spent some time reflecting on the last 25 years! I've always been an advocate for my own low-key b days with my tradition to go to Cheesecake factory but I may have some of my girlfriends over this weekend to celebrate with me!

I love Charlotte more and more. There are so many good people and so many friends that I have grown to love. A lot of great people at church as well as people we work with. There are so many good eats and fun things to do and discover. I also appreciate the active community where there are tons of bikers and runners. I also have loved my neighborhood. It's in an amazing location and we live in a very safe and kid-friendly. I am always surprised at how nice are neighbors are-- so many great people.

All is well with the Schramms! We are soaking in our days before baby girl and taking our share of naps, random dates, random splurges, and listening to the beautiful sound of .....silence. Those days are numbered, but we couldn't be more thrilled.

Also we made J Dawg sauce today for our hot dogs-- a good memory from Provo. They were amazing!!!