Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A modge podge of our 2016!

Although I have separate draft titles of all the specific things our family has been up to, I thought I would just do a generic overview-- you know just in case I don't get to them for awhile ;)

Life has been beautiful here in Charlotte. Calvin is enjoying his job and had his 5 year reunion at Siemens! We have loved his company and we loved being a part of it even before we graduated college. He does amazing work!

I have been very busy with my business here in Charlotte. I connect local businesses to the community through photography, social media and some marketing/advertising. It is fun to get to know so many amazing people and go to some fun events. I travel to nearby cities and love experiencing the South. I get a bit spoiled with it but I sure can't complain. I work about one day a week/nap time and go to events here and there when calv gets home from work. It's been a great system--I just found closed an awesome deal with one of my favorite international magazines. It has been the highlight of my working experience.

Andie is now 2 years old and has has the biggest bubbly personality. She loves saying "there it is!" "thank you" "sorry" "what's that" and has been a great sleeper. Still goes to bed around 7 and wakes up at 8 am. Hallelujah! She loves playing with older kids and still loves books. She amazes other moms at the parks because she looks like a 3 year old going up all the hard things-- I don't know where she gets her adventurous and daredevil side-- not from me for sure!

We just got back from both of our family reunions! We went to St. George and Topsail Island and had two full weeks of vacation. So fun to connect with family and make memories to last until the next year. My sister Kellie is here hanging out with me before she leaves on her church mission to Vancouver, Canada. So excited for her. Also just got back from Memphis for the 4th of July!

cute cousins in St. George

Hiking through NC with Schramma and Pa

Snapchat from my stay at Fearrington Inn. Fun and quick trip! 

Will do a separate post on our Schramm reunion but it was so fun! 

6th year anniversary with my love

Snapped some pics of my beautiful sister leaving for Vancouver Canada. She was here in Charlotte for a week-- I got her all to myself!

My good friend Liz with her beautiful baby boy Rigdon. He is nearly 6 months now!

Family Beach Time -- Topsail Island, NC

Our little sleeper.

Our bffs John and Sarah got to hang in CLT and Andie got to meet little Joey. 

Flowers from Andie

My visit to Philly to meet little Joey

Was able to help throw a baby shower with Jana for my friend Liz!

New car! It's been a long time coming!

A shot from a dinner party I threw with my friend Kathryn of Studio Cultivate. More than 70 people and several businesses around CLT participated. 

My parents are building a vacation home in St. George. It was fun to visit and hike around and get familiar with the beauty!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

nov & dec 2015

We enjoyed celebrating the christmas season here in Charlotte with Schramma and Pa. We made tons of gingerbread, did some caroling, gingerbread house decorating and some family pics with the self timer in the neighborhood...that's just how it goes sometimes :) Had a fancy christmas eve dinner and spent the night in North Charlotte. Andie loved her new stroller and saying I fed the obsession with "sofia the first" is a bit of an understatement. We left to Cali the day after christmas but so enjoyed being home for most of the holidays. Oh ya! The love of my life turned 30. We celebrated with a local ramen joint and putting a candle in a Magnum ice cream bar. Low key with family is just what he prefers. I love that man!

Madewell chose me as the "hometown hero". It was a fun event and met a lot of great people.

Riverwalk in SC with the schrammparents

30th bday celebration!

sticker obsession

andie and me. even the most normal of days I feel so blessed.

schramma's homemade hot choco and whipped cream. I crave this

I should probably download this from the neighborhood website. neighborhood holiday party with a crazy santa. 

sunday exploring

i think it was the first time the schramm caroling was off key -- i think it had something to do with me there. 

christmas eve dinner

since christmas was in the 70's we let her play with the hose. 

Oct & Nov 2015 catching up!

October and November were busy and fun! It was so fun to visit the Roggia's in TX for the first time. Andie loved playing with all the cousins. I'm keeping busy with my business and discovering some cool things about the Queen City and meeting some amazing people. Calvin visited California for Justin Sipherd's wedding and stayed at the Bartletts. It just so happened that Schramma & pa were there babysitting the ladies-- from coast to coast! We spent time at the Beach with more friends and drove to Memphis to see family for Thanksgiving. Lots of time with family and friends and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Cabo Fish Taco Spread in Noda

SOCO Gallery event shoot

We love watching the sunset at the Ballantyne Corporate Park

Dad's was in Cali for Justin Sipherd's wedding so we do ice cream

Topsail Island with the Sorensons (Heidi and Monte) and Drzayichs (Zac and Kristen)

Fort Worth Texas with the Roggias

John and Sarah visited! WE LOVED IT

calvin in california for his "best friend's wedding"

hanging at the "charlotte outside living room" with mom

park road park for the win

  Halloween 2015 was a success but definitely need more candy from this one next year!

dallas arboretum

andie and gemma nov 2015

topsail in the fall! :)

charity dinner for project 658 with joe kindred and other chefs in charlotte. 

product shoot with passion8
girl time with Liz!!

remembering paris. 

slides for days with andie!

seasonal product shoot at Suarez bakery

"no screens" we said. "that's awful" we said. 

Blue skies in Charlotte. 

Thanksgiving in Memphis 2015!

Mom still reign as the bronson family champ -- don't fact check on that

Driving home from Memphis TN

The YMCA's here are the best! Andie loves playing there

I will do a separate post on my girl's getaway at the Fearrington Inn. Luxury redefined. 

The last picture I have with Maggie. She passed January 2016

Another product shoot with Passion8 and Sarah sofia events

Andie loves Roman!

Chocolate product shoot for article

Topsail Island November 2015

Columbia Zoo with all these kiddos!

Dallas Arboretum

After a product shoot at Secret Chocolate in Ballantyne