Friday, March 14, 2014

the panhandle.

 It's been a great week! I just got back from Florida with a portion of my family. Once people start moving out of the house it's so hard to get together for things where everyone's schedules align. My parents definitely try and get us to come to their adventures so sometimes I pull some strings to join them. Calvin had to stay and work-- we are loading up some vacation time for when baby arrives-- which is getting closer and closer!

I am 26 weeks! My stomach has definitely gotten bigger and has turned into an actual bump. I certainly look pregnant now. Which is a great thing. I feel blessed every day that I can experience bringing a baby girl into the world.

Anyway-- we had a great time swimming, laying in the sun, riding bikes, shopping and playing games. I love my family and especially love spending time with my parents. My 16 year old sister is in Germany on a choir tour so not even she was able to go! We filled the precious time we had though. If you are looking for a fun and beautiful vacation I would recommend the area around Watercolor FL. It is a cute and active beach community with clear blue water. It's actually where the Truman Show was filmed so we had to watch that when we were there.

I got home on Thursday and had some additional great news. I got a promotion at work which I have worked hard for. It really turned into an awesome week. Calvin and I celebrated by going to the Cheesecake factory as it was 4 years since our engagement. I feel so blessed to be married to him-- he is so positive and happy and he can't wait to have a little girl. We are continuing our every day preparations and use our weekends to work on the house. I'm keeping up my 2 miles a day running which is getting so much harder now that my belly is harder and bigger. I've started doing some pregnancy yoga in the morning before work as well to start the day. It's been a good addition for me.

Anyway-- a lot going on! I leave for UT in just a couple weeks-- I'm having my first baby shower out there and am going to the April LDS conference--can't wait!

our beach house was right by the pool. so nice.

if you know me-- you know i love candy--- so much.

my dad representing his half cuban heritage!