Wednesday, February 26, 2014

baby prep update!

I never wanted to have to say this-- but I've been so horrible about documenting my pregnancy. I think it's the photographer in me that just likes to be behind the camera so other than a couple mirror selfie pics (totally lame), I haven't done much. One of my pregnancy app tells me to put a pic in every week and I think I have like 4 or 5 updates. I haven't seen much of a difference in me until week 20 or so. Now my tummy seems huge!!

I look at my room every morning and see so many clothes on the floor from me putting on a million things that I realize don't fit anymore before work!! I'm frantically trying to find stuff that is not only comfortable but still a bit loose. Any time my stomach feels restricted I tend to have my 'throw up' nausea feeling which I CAN'T take!  I've been more tired at work lately too-- I had an hour and a half meeting today and I caught myself with my eyes drooping and me falling asleep-- soooo embarassing lol. Luckily I've got some great "hand me over" clothes from cute friends and family that have literally saved my life. 

We also bought our first purchase towards baby girl. I have been looking on craigslist for used stuff and also different websites for new stuff and I found this great pottery barn deal for a screamin' deal. I felt like I was stealing it from the family. I love the more modern look for a nursery but this crib and dresser seemed like a good classic way to go too. We picked the baby room-- right across from our room. We made our bonus room the guest room and then we have two other rooms. The smaller one is my office and then we picked the bigger one for the nursery. There is a lot of space in there but I'm sure we can fill it!

Since we've gotten the crib I'm constantly going in the still pretty empty room. I just sit on the floor contemplating life (what i seem to do best).  I've said this before but my family is sooooo excited-- first grandbaby in the family will do that I guess. It's already all about the baby-- but I'm not complaining. We still have a lot of work in her room including painting and decorating but it's definitely a good start.

anyway-- here's to updating a lot more as time seems to be going oh so fast!