Thursday, April 17, 2014

Birthday and Leconte

I've been a bit behind on my documentation but life has been so busy!

As I sit here watching the blue planet documentary, eating watermelon, in a backwards ball cap and my pjs at 7 pm....well -- there must be some time right now.

I had my 25th birthday a couple weeks ago. It feels good to be 25 I must say. Looking forward to a great year.

Calvin and I celebrated at Cheesecake Factory as per tradition on my birthday.  Calvin is always so thoughtful and got me so awesome gifts (we're not big into gift exchanges so we've always gone the thoughtful instead of pricey route). I've been telling Calv that I want to go hiking for a while so he surprised me with a hike-inn trip to Leconte Lodge above Gatlinburg TN. If you have hiked Timp it's quite comparable. About a 4 hour hike up and about 7 miles. A bit of adventure for a 7 month preggo to be quite honest.

One of those memories we will never forget in our marriage. Definitely a trip that was so out of this world that you just can't plan anything that fun-- just has to happen.

We had planned accordingly for some rain on the way up but didn't expect a large down poor that reminded me of Jumanji. Seriously blazing in mud for several hours walking up hill. It was nuts! but so fun-- we didn't even take a break (but that didn't stop me from some productive complaining might I add). As we got to the top-- we realized how starving we were. The lodge makes a homey southern meal with biscuits and peaches and warm roast and mashed potatoes. It was so fun to eat by kerosene lamp and meet some great people. This place is literally sold out the day registration is open-- only room for about 50 people per night-- the only reason we got the slots is because if there is a cancellation they don't go from a waiting list, just first call first get it. Calv saw them post on twitter that they had a cancellation and he snagged it in the hour so we were very lucky as people had been reserved for that one night for like 7 months or so!

When we got there to our surprise the rain soon turned into snow and didn't stop. We were not planning on this -- calv was wearing jeans and tennis shoes. We woke up to about 12 inches and hiked that whole way down in again mud and rain and wet and dirtiness.

We hiked up in 65 degrees and pouring rain. Got up there and it was in the 30's and snowing. Walked down as it increased in temperature to where when we got down it was 70 degree. Can't plan for that! We loved spending time together hiking and in that little cabin away from all technology. I wrote in my journal and we exchanged memories, inside jokes and man it was just a fun time. I love that we both appreciate the outdoors so much-- it's where we have the most fun together.

We also made a cool video of the trip that I'm going to put up!

Calv and I made a bday cake the day before my bday. It was kind of a flop but fun anyway.

our drenched clothes by the heater!

literally looking down on the clouds!

beautiful and such a difference from the hike up!! 

 I look like i'm going to prom right?