Thursday, May 1, 2014


Things have been great over here in the queen city. We're spending most of our time working on the house. Calv moved our tv above the fireplace and we rearranged our living room-- also put in some new lighting fixtures in the kitchen. I hate the whole process of putting up lighting fixtures--so frustrating-- and i'm not even the one doing anything. Nuts-- bolts-- hands up in the air for long periods of times holding things. bleh.

pregnancy is going pretty good. I was in some serious pain the last few weeks and my doctor told me my pubic bone separated. more thing to add.  It's called SPD-- sometimes it happens when the hormones relax the muscle down there causing pain but mine was also caused by an injury i had recently. It was crazy painful--especially for it to carry all that weight in my stomach. getting better though. Baby girl is moving so much. Sometimes at work i hope people don't stare at my tummy because they will see it bumpin' all over. 

Anyway-- calv just finished mowing the lawn and he said he'll take me on a date which i really hope means chik fil a.

here are some recent phone pics of our recent daily doings:

Which one is mine? both of them.

Can't wait to live up to my standards

I'm sure we'll have a boy some day down the road...but the girls just love him.

swings are always the best.

Costco needs to engineer their stupid milk cartons better. This was the end result of an adult trying to eat cereal. i'm putting calv on it.

A girl's night to remember-- i laugh way too hard with these gals. 

new mantra 

who invited the smelly hooligans into cheesecake factory. if a working saturday looked like people then we were it. they really did put us in the corner. we liked it. Also-- a new appetizer to try is the tamales. soooo perfect in every way. 

The corporate park that i work in hosted an event for earth day. I couldn't handle this picture of one of my coworkers Rasha. Greek and crazy and awesome.

best sushi place to date!

Exploratory sunday walks

Calv loves his specialty sodas

I walk at least 2 laps around the walking paths at my building twice a day. It was just so pretty today! and how bout them willows?

My new stainless steel dish set i got from work. mainly for calv. I cooked with them last night and quickly pulled out my a million year old hand me down non stick pan and kissed it. I'm def a non stick girl over the stainless....

here is my husband practicing holding a baby while looking up something on his phone. i'm glad i caught it-- what a natural.