Thursday, May 28, 2015

Granny and pa Schramm 2015

One of the highlights of our trip to Utah was seeing this young couple. Right when we were moving to NC we stayed with them for a couple days and made a lot of good memories. It was such a hoot and we talked a lot about their younger years. This time I brought up how they told me that they used to kiss at the temple all the time. They pretended not to remember for a couple minutes but then-- their sly smiles said it all after a couple minutes. Grandpa still thinks Granny dropped that pencil on purpose-- though she denies it, I'm sure glad it dropped!! Love these guys. 

Grandpa's smile is something I will always love-- his wrinkles around his eyes make his sparkle that much brighter. 

It's so cute seeing Grandpa's silly side come out-- he'll do anything to get a laugh.. now I know where all the other schramm men get it :)

Calv and Grandpa sure always have some great conversation. He remembers a lot of detail and is so cheery telling his stories. We love hearing about their time on Kwajalein and this time it ended with Calv showing him some missile videos on YouTube.  He loved it!

Granny said her late sister made this homemade christmas tree for her. It's made of beads and safety pins. Her sister was quite poor so Granny cherishes this and keeps it up year around. She let Andie touch and look at it when it was lit up. I loved to see Granny smiling so big!

I'll forever cherish these pictures.