Monday, April 6, 2015

Camping in the Appalachians!

Well I'll have to post more pics. It's funny the difference of pictures between my real camera and my phone! More accessible. We had an amazing time. We had some awesome carne asada, picnics, hot chocolate, breakfast with our new dutch oven and also some amazing tin foil dinners-- still can't figure out why they turned out so good. Feel like doing it during the week! The name of the game with camping with littles is definitely organization and preparation. We went for two nights so it was more than just the average overnight list we were used to. Definitely packed it in though with 5 waterfalls in 3 days and plenty of pretty overlooks. 

Luckily Andie is a pretty good little girl and enjoyed being outside! She loved the sounds and hanging out in her backpack on our hikes. She slept great in our tent. I'm glad we brought the pack n play and we brought the bumbo for feeding her. Kept her busy while setting and taking down camp. Everything went smoothly and we bonded and made memories out in good ole' nature! Loved it! Planning on doing a yearly three day thing in a new place but go more local a lot more often!

This time last year we went to Leconte (click HERE) -- how could I forget walking 8 miles uphill 30 weeks pregnant?

Counting my blessings while looking at the stars that I'm alive and get to experience the beauty of life.