Thursday, November 27, 2014


Good times lately with family and friends!

Andie and I have been hanging out with a lot of my friends lately-- need more pics of that! It's so fun to hang out and do fun things. I laugh so hard and am so thankful for their thoughtfulness and some 'off color' jokes that make me crack up. Lots of GNOs that keep me sane-- thanks to a great babysitter Calvin. Went to So you think you can Dance tour with some friends!! so fun!

We've been blessed to be around family as well! Went to Memphis for my dad's bday and a pre Thanksgiving celebration. Andie was spoiled with attention and was her smiley happy self the whole trip (luckily). We've been keeping up our Sunday drives and my fave was going to a cotton field. So amazing to me-- I loved it. Falling in love with the South. Had Thanksgiving with the Antczaks! Such a stress-free day with so much good food and dessert. Can't wait for those twin babies to come out and play! After being pregnant I can't imagine being pregnant with twins, and Calvin's sister charlene has done it with so much ease-- so much props to her! 

So much to be thankful for and I thank my Heavenly Father for so many great relationships to be blessed by. Life comes with challenges, but on this thanksgiving day I'm even thankful for those ;)

cotton! what a phenomena!

my screensaver is dang cute.

Rolling around like some kind of big girl?! nooooo

Aunt Hailey didn't argue when I asked her to help put Andie to sleep

Homemade Twix Cookies with my sis

For my dad's bday he wanted his gift to be Andie. We made the trip to Memphis (so much stress involved with flying but we made it alive and so did everyone on the she did great). 

Eating lots of food for thanksgiving (and thankful for sweats)

Nothing better than spending time with family <3 .="" p="">

Them cheeks are from her fortunate for her!