Wednesday, November 12, 2014

4 months

Our little Andie Emily is four months old. Time has gone so quickly yet I feel like I've known her forever. She is such a joy with a blossoming personality. 

Being a mom has been an adventure. It's a new phase of life and I'm not sure I've gotten a good grip on it. I go to bed at night knowing that I did the best I could that day, but I'm definitely not perfect. 

It really is important to not lose myself in this new journey and take time to keep up with the things I love. The only way I can be the best mom for Andie is to try and be my best self as well. Most of the time, it's tough to keep up with that duh. 

I've been making small goals for myself (ie getting out of the house, exercising, reading, hanging out with friends, doing service etc.)  Some days Calvin will come home and I'll still be in my pjs but I feel like I couldn't have been any busier! haha 

My favorite time lately is when we put andie in her little bumbo on the table as we eat dinner and talk about our day. She just quietly sits there and stares at us as if we are super boring-- she's definitely wrong.

She has started giggling and babbling a lot more which has been so fun and entertaining. It's hard seeing her grow up so fast! I'll have to do an iphone picture spill as it is my method of capturing the day to day goings on of what we've all been up to lately!