Sunday, November 2, 2014

on a sunday

 Some things I want to remember today:

- Andie's straight across gumless smile
- We got a couple chuckles out of her this week-- and it sure makes my heart swell
- She started making sounds with consonants (da da ga ga) I realize how funny this makes me sound but boy do I want to remember these fine days
- She lights up when she facetimes with family (will facetime in the future seem so old fashioned?)
- Sometimes at night she won't go to sleep anywhere but when I lay her next to me on the bed she falls fast asleep in seconds. I really wasn't planning on 'co-sleeping' but in the name of beloved rest I'll take it.
- She started understanding when we are about to take her out of the carseat/stroller...she gets so so happy!
- She has started talking to her toys and mostly our hands. You put a hand in her face and she is good to go.
- She has really found her voice and has started getting pretty 'loud'...she growls a lot too (kind of funny). She still doesn't really cry, just screams at me like a 14 year old teenager. Pretty hilarious
- She loves her daddy and it's too much to handle

I love that she is getting a bit older and more aware. Her little personality is sprouting and I can't wait to see her grow. Every month I'm focusing on a life lesson I want to teach her in the future. This month it is CONFIDENCE. It's a great one for me as postpartum has rocked my world a bit. I'm definitely 'out of the fog' if you will and have realized the importance of positive thinking. The choice to make an attitude adjustment no matter the situation is one of the most important and powerful gifts we as humans have.

I am thankful for my beautiful family and support system. I give thanks to Heavenly Father daily for the chance to learn and grow. Here is to a wonderful week!!