Saturday, September 6, 2014

8 weeks

Andie is 8 weeks -- I can't believe it!

My life has changed so much. I said goodbye to everyone at work when I turned in my laptop and gathered my belongings from my desk. As I showed off Andie to my coworkers, I caught glimpses of myself being stressed and walking around the cubicles like I used to. I remembered running down the hall when I had to throw up in my first and second trimesters trying to hide being pregnant. I smiled at people that I used to work with and that were sad to see me go. It was a bittersweet feeling. I've always considered myself a 'workaholic' because I love to work. I am just doing it a little bit differently now. I can't believe how much work a new little baby is. It is rewarding in a way that I never knew and I'm so thankful that I have the opportunity to stay home with my baby. I consider it a very big blessing. All the little progressions makes us feel so happy. It is a very fulfilling job.

Some things I want to remember:
- andie talks so much now-- she has a signature 'word' that she says all the time-- too cute
- when she starts talking she gives herself the hiccups
-she loves taking baths and getting her diaper changed
-she's been sleeping great-- 4-5 hour stretches
- she loves just laying on the floor looking around-- mostly at lights (or the tv--whoops!)
- her smiles are the cutest
- her stretching episodes when you get her out of her velcro swaddle jammies or car seat
- she still loves the car-- so much
-she is learning to use her hands and sucks on her hand when she finds it
- when we stick our tongue out at her she loves it and then sticks hers out....
- loves being on her tummy and is almost rolling over
- instead of crying all the time she pretty much just yells-- and it literally sounds like she is saying 'mom'. Calv loves that.

She cried tons the first 1.5 weeks and I was sure she would be a cranky baby, but she sure snapped out of that!

We took our first plane ride-- she was almost 7 weeks old. She did great and slept the whole time. I just had to figure out how to carry things with just two hands, but we got through it. So many people were helpful. One woman saw me before we even boarded -- helped carry something in and stayed with me when we were there. She was heaven sent! She also did perfect on the 10 hour car ride back home with Calvin. We were lucky to go visit my family in Memphis last week and the beach before that. So many fun things with this girl.

I know this is a typical baby progression post but I can't believe how fast our little one is growing.