Thursday, October 2, 2014

12 weeks

Wow! Time sure does fly by these days. Andie lady is now 12 weeks and doing amazing. Her best attribute (among so many) is that she is still sleeping through the night like a champ. 10-12 hour stretches with maybe a feeding around midnight. This momma can't complain. 

We've been busy with heading to the beach with our friends and then went to DC for the weekend to also visit some good friends. It was so cute to watch Andie with another baby-- so curious!

ps we went to cafe rio in DC on our way up. boo hoo I only got a plain chicken taco with no dressing--trying to eat healthy-- for the greater good...mainly so I can go on a shopping spree-- in my closet--when my clothes fit again.

We are off to the beach again for the conference weekend. I love learning about the basics of the gospel through conference. It is refreshing and grounding. 

Life is so wonderful and we are truly blessed. We just love life here in Charlotte.

New hats we were trying on...she doesn't like things on her head-- but oh will we change that when she gets more hair :)

Sunday drives-- our tradition is as strong as ever!

My perfect almond-eyed girl

this picture is the epideme of "tourist"

andie loves daddy. after a 6 hour car ride she was happy to get some snuggles and so were we! best traveler in tow.