Thursday, August 21, 2014

6 weeks

Andie has started to "talk" more these days. She smiles and opens her mouth wide when she's happy. I can't help but laugh so hard when she is swaddled in her blanket and wants to get her hands out. You can here her just grunt and grunt. In all of her ultrasounds she had her hands up by her face. So funny. She has stopped just crying randomly and instead she does these short screams to get my attention. Her cheeks are really filling out making her look extra extra cute and she still sucks in that bottom lip 24/7. 

She sure is a joy! Whenever we want her to go to sleep fast we take a drive in the car and it zonks her out. She sure is an old soul-- I seriously feel like she is so much older and trapped inside this little chunky body. I can't believe at one point I was worried about her gaining weight (a problem that I know very little about as I usually try and do the opposite). 

Life is oh so wonderful. We are off to the beach tomorrow for the weekend. We are headed to Memphis next week for labor day. Andie's first flight-- wish me luck on my research on pinterest "how to fly with a newborn" searches.