Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I saw a friend on facebook post her opinion regarding a certain controversial topic-- it just happened to be the same as my opinion. I never thought we would agree on the topic. It's nice to see posts that you agree with on social networks but I knew there were going to be plenty of opposing comments. I checked back today and of course there were several comments, but my friend stood up for her opinion in a way that I haven't seen in a while.

I also read a recent article saying that the teenager generation and younger are having a hard time having opinions about things-- not just specific things-- but almost anything. "Acceptance" has been such a big thing these days that if you think one way then surely there are people that disagree -- even those closest to us. It's hard to feel that standing up for what you believe is the right thing to do sometimes. Being able to think is a beautiful thing and it's how we understand our world. Acceptance is important, but so is allowing ourselves to be okay with thinking and believing differently than other people.

I've been thinking about this a lot as I'm preparing to start raising children. As differences grow between people, cultures, friends, families, morals, social views, politics etc. the expectation of acceptance seems to have grown as well.

I believe it is more important now than ever to understand what we believe. I don't feel like I have to bring it up always unless a situation calls for it, but I do want to be aware of what my opinions are on certain issues if questioned. I guess I pick and choose the things that are most important to me or what I'm naturally passionate about and of course there are multiple things I just don't seem to care for.

Issues that have come up recently are:
breastfeeding vs. formula
'complaining' about pregnancy symptoms vs. being thankful for them
same-sex marriage vs. traditional
politics in general
working mom vs staying home
cry it out method vs. whatever else
technology balance
my definition of modesty in clothing and swimwear
health and exercise
my religious views

I can now say I have an opinion about these and many more-- some  middle ground, some more extreme but I think it's good to have opinions. That's what life is about!!! Understanding the world in a comfortable way for our individual circumstances, personalities, and I guess lot in life. With that being said-- of course everyone's will be different. I do want to continue to encourage others to share opinions, but I believe mine are what makes up who I am and my experiences I've had in my life. My opinions are ever changing as life throws knew things at me but I'm glad I can think to myself and feel confident in the way I feel without others making me feel that how I live my life is wrong. I want to help my children feel confident in themselves and standing up for what they think is matter how menial the topic.

boo yah!