Thursday, May 8, 2014

Remembering small things

I wanted to remember a couple things from this week. It's ok if I don't document all the little goings on but there are a few things I want my future self to look back on.

1. I've been putting together some things in the nursery-- makes me so happy
2. I dragged calvin to the strawberry patch just down the road.  We filled the cute basket. We also bought some jam and we thought it was like a couple dollars and then both looked at the homemade price tag and it said 7.95. WHAT?!
3. Thank you Thank you Thank you notes to all the nice people in my life-- and some watermelon as always.
4. There is only so much loitering you can do as a sidekick at Lowes. Really how many times can I go down the curtain isle-- but we are landscaping our yard a bit so the plant section has been a lot more fun.

Calvin has been kept very busy with his cub master calling at church. Last night he was in charge of the Blue and Gold banquet thing for the scouts. I helped out with some odds and ends but ultimately stayed home and went to bed early. I didn't go downstairs the rest of the evening so when I woke up this morning for work I wanted to cry for joy. My calvin has always been so thoughtful. 

I also walked down to these flowers this morning. It was the best surprise. I had a rough day at work and was able to get through it from the great start this morning. 

I just love all the southern charm around here. I have definitely fallen in love with this place. Still a west coast girl at heart but sure do find everything here lovely.