Thursday, February 13, 2014

snowmaggeden. winter storm pax.

I thought since I wasn't doing much today because work has been cancelled, that I would do this post now. Calv and I are actually supposed to be working from home but our world is just too exciting to be doing anything productive. 

Calv and I woke up at an early 9:30 to walk to chik fil a for a spicy chik fil a biscuit. Oh how naive we are.  Chik fil a is about a mile or less up the road and that whole mile we didn't see a human or moving automobile in sight. We walked to the grocery store which was also barren and shared a mid They weren't serving breakfast either! This week has been so surreal. Tuesday everything started shutting down around 2:00 and since then it's been pretty much dead. They just announced no school for tomorrow too so i'm hoping that's the same news with work :)

I made an OJ and snow slush last night and stayed in my pjs all day yesterday. It was awesome. Today I have about the same agenda. It's supposed to get up to 70's next week but i'll believe it when I see it--  of course that's what I also said about snow. We saw more neighbors today than we ever have and I've never seen so much happiness. It's been so fun! More of a Christmas spirit than December brought...

crossing my fingers for no work tomorrow! (even though i work about 2 minutes away :)