Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pregnancy Update- Week 23

In many ways my pregnancy has seemed like it has gone fast-- and in so many others-- very slow.

I'm past the half way point and next week i'll be at 6 months-- can't believe it.  I have a daily routine after work to do a 3 mile route and I run most of it. Since it was 70's last week I could tell the warmer weather was making my feet feel a lot more swollen then normal. I've got some energy back but still have to take my nausea medication 3 or 4 times a week. I say nausea, but what I really mean is throwing up-- I could deal with the feeling of nausea fine-- but going to work all day I can't afford to run to the bathroom all the time.

I've been waking up to birds and the buds on the trees have started showing their pink blooms. So lovely. I've bought a couple little outfits so far and it has made me so happy. It's made everything seem so real. Baby girl has been moving a lot. I have another appointment this week and I really like all of the nurses and doctors there.

I also started listening to the Baby Whisperer book on tape on my runs. It was a suggestion from a friend. Sometimes I just start busting up laughing because it is so cheesy and corny but I try and listen to everything because I know I will appreciate it in a few short months. I also started moisturizing with the Mama Bee Burts and Bee's brand stuff and that has been nice. I have always had such a simple 'bathroom' routine.  I used proactive once or twice in my life, but other than that I wash my face with soap in the shower and use baby oil to take my make up off. I use Dove shampoo and usually cut my own hair. Soooo....I've started my research and talked to a lot of friends and am trying to take better care of everything-- I'm going for more of the natural route-- but will still stick with basics.

One thing that I've definitely learned being pregnant is that everyone's journey is truly different-- all aspects of this process that is. The type of baby that comes out, the type of parenting, the type of environment, finances, schedule....everything. I'm happy that I'm able to take in the good advice but at the end of the day, Calvin and I are aware of what we have envisioned for our life--we're excited to see how we grow as a family.

I can already see the pressures that being a new mom might entail.  I have caught myself feeling guilty already when I wake up at night and am not sleeping on my left side. haha. I am reminding myself to let the little things go and realize I'm doing the best i can with everything. For some women-- pregnancy is a beautiful time and they love everything about it. I won't argue how beautiful the experience is but I have definitely not had the easiest time.  Calvin and I are planning to have a big family so I can't wait to see what these next 9 months will bring into our lives. We really can't wait.