Tuesday, February 11, 2014

it's a.....

We found out that baby is a girl! Calvin wanted a girl because two of his sisters had girls this year and so she will have automatic friends. I grew up very close to my cousins so it makes us really excited. This was our second ultrasound and each time we just can't believe there is a moving baby in my stomach. Such a surreal experience!

It was pretty crazy as they move around the baby and check everything. The ultrasound tech went from checking the four chambers of the heart, to the brain, to the kidneys...and I was clinching my fists the whole time! I was so relieved that the baby was healthy that by the time she told us the gender I was already so happy.

I am the last person to have a baby in Calvin's family, but the first one in mine. It is a fun dynamic. My little sister is so excited to be an aunt at age 12. My parents are excited to be grandparents as well! It's been great.

I'm 22 weeks and still have to take my nausea medicine to be able to leave the house. My stomach is definitely getting bigger. I haven't been the best at documenting, but I'm going to be better at that. Since my placenta is on top of the baby, it's taken me longer to feel the baby.  This week I'm feeling her constantly. I love it!

I rattled my brain for a cute idea to let the social networks in on the news, but the next morning I just decided to stick a pink straw in my green smoothie. good enough!

Pictured above is my very favorite ice cream. Salted caramel from Kilwins in their home made waffle cones. So wonderful. It looks like it's a HUGE ice cream cone-- and.....it definitely is...and i definitely ate it very fast.