Sunday, September 16, 2012


The weekends have been good to us.  When you're working late throughout the week, there is no wasting time come friday at 5. 

1. Friday night at pei wei-- don't go was pretty lame-- the best part was the side of vegetables?? ...our fortunes weren't impressive either.  

2.  What a depressing thing to want to watch a little netflix and the only place there really is to go to get some candy is harris teeter.  I miss winco.  Usually i picked out all the red sour patch kids in the bulk section and came out with one beautiful bag- good times. 

3. 7 am run on a saturday.  Still haven't found my replacement provo canyon saturday morning run-- but this one wasn't bad.  Calv and i are running a spontaneous 5k on saturday so time to get serious. 

4.  We got some more hand me down furniture this weekend.  Our decor is themed either camping or 90's plaid.

5.  GREEK FESTIVAL!  The fried dough balls were amazing.  The gyro line was way too long which stunk.  The baklava was only so so.  The catholic orthodox first discussion was actually pretty nice.  Greeks love food. I love food. So i love greeks.  

6.  Saturday night we found ourselves in the walgreens parking lot.  We saw a police car (which calv always loves to follow) so we stealthily inched closer in our car next to the scene.  Some punk but very innocent looking 16 year olds were caught with alcohol in the trunk.  The climax was seeing the parents one by one come and get them.  It was hilarious and sad at the same time.  Their pain was our entertainment.  

Let the world bring on another adventure filled week! Our days mostly look like sleep, work, eat, sleep...but sometimes we can fit some adventures in between.  

i realized my posts are mostly one long run on sentence. 

Blurry and Happy

Calv's beautiful creation.  I got super excited when there was no one around to compete with me for the bowl/spoon licking.

go greek or go home. 

this guy is obviously way more popular in life than us...#winning

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