Friday, August 24, 2012

queen city.

Well! Just got back from friday night date night.

Went to an american mexican place that was kind of like cafe rio-- but not in the least bit (only in my dreams)--seriously not at all.

We've enjoyed going to a local shopping center and listening to some live music on friday nights.  Everyone is sitting with their camping chairs and drinks kind of waiting for something to happen.  We always stick around to see where things are going.  We go there in the first place to eat our McDonald's (yes i only eat there for dessert-- i don't know whether that make it sounds worse or better) dipped cones.  By the time we get there mine is always gone already anyway so i'm always antsy for some music to start.

Only a couple people usually get up and jive. It's entertaining enough to watch people dance to themselves on the 'sidelines'.  I've figured that if there's one thing that makes me so happy it's watching people feeling the beat and lettin' go.  I'm always too embarrassed-- but maybe on a friday night when the week was extra stressful will I get up and let loose.  Calvin snacked on some peanuts he kind of stole from Five Guys.  We enjoyed ourselves people watching and didn't notice the weather at all which means it was perfect.  The temperature where you feel like you just fit right in to whatever's going on.

The days seem to go by quickly, the weeks go by fast, and the weekends I feel I only talk about them in past tense.  We get up pretty early for work and get home pretty late for....well right now it's dinner, LOST and maybe a run.  Sometimes I laugh when I change from my work attire straight to my PJ's--those are usually the days where Calvin says he is craving a piece of fruit on our commute home.  I've now learned that he is craving a banana, which is actually code for a banana shake from Bruesters.  I go along with it because i'm usually craving something cold, which is code for ice cream- which means cookie dough shake from Bruesters.

I'm all up to date on most of the current issues.  NPR and I have spent some good quality time together.  I hear about the same kind of things throughout the week, but Mondays are always pretty interesting.  More political slandering, new technology patents, and that corn and gas are breaking my bank account.  We grocery shop at Harris Teeter which is way too expensive-- i think it just seems like it because it reminds me of Albertsons.  We usually make up the difference in sample tasting.  We both go straight for the bread, Calvin averages about 10 sugar kid's cookies and I try to rake in on the fruit.

Also I joked about making the bed (he actually made it).  Calvin asked when the last time I made it was and I reminded him that if he didn't get up about 5 minutes before we had to leave that I would make it more.  We'll see how that pans out this week.

Things have been wonderful here in Charlotte.  Signs of fall all around and I can hardly wait! We will be headed to Memphis for labor day weekend to see my fam.  We are both pretty excited for that.  Both jobs have been going great and we are very grateful for our new fun life here in the Queen City!