Sunday, August 5, 2012

monday on a sunday

i've been pretty busy the last couple weeks-- starting a new job. we don't come home till about 6 30 and i like get straight in my pj's.  i try and fit in a workout-- (try)...well mostly i just eat when i get home.  anyway things are going well and although we are both busy we have been able to seize the free moments and pack in the fun.  i will do a full blog post this week to keep everyone who is interested (oh hey mom) posted.  

have an awesome week! it's already august>!?

Sunday drives with calvin = heaven

love hate relationship

me: so are fridays pretty slow?
coworker: well yours won't be...
me: o ok cool

i love living by schramma

 we love floatin' the catawba!

coin collecting--popular