Sunday, July 15, 2012

by the way.

Things have been great here in the charlotte area!

1. We've been trying to consume less sugar (calvin's better than me).  It's a hard struggle for this sweet tooth, but i'm sure it will be worth it.  There are a lot of benefits to i've researched.  The blogs make it look like a cinch with their gourmet foods.  Their sugarless and flourless desserts make me think that I can do it.  Wow...the whole craving dessert thing always seems to be there no matter if i'm trying to eat healthy.

2. Calvin is enjoying his work at Siemens.  And i'm enjoying my.....well being home a lot...kind of.   I always say i'm an awesome busy person and an awesome lazy person.  I've been struggling because I hate not having a schedule...and lets face it...breakfast, pool, gym, pool, lunch, pool is only fun for so long.  I've joined America in the fight to get a job.  I'm pretty sure i've prevailed (find out this week) and all of a sudden pool, gym, pool, eat, pool is starting to sound pretty awesome again.

3.  by the way.  has anyone ever asked for a "to go box" and then ate the food before the waiter came back with it??? haha. this did not happen to me.

4. geese are like the most ferocious animals i've ever met.  i'll put up a fight until they start with that hissing business.  then i about run for my life. but i can watch calvin taunt them for hours.

5. It's been fun to meet new people and start fresh.  When I was younger and moved to boise my mom used to say "you can start fresh!" like it was some amazing thing and it made me second guess my loser status in california.  All I could think about is how many people I can talk to with a british accent until they find out i'm lying.  No fake british accents this time around, but I can never complain about not having friends if i'm not putting myself out there.  And that's why I joined a friday night community scrapbook night ( i think i forgot to read the fine print that said age 50 plus).  Wow i really do need to get out more!

6.  Calvin's homemade night stands are complete! they're amazing.

7.  Harris Teeter is about 100 steps away from our apartment.  Every time i go in hungry and come out satisfied because of their many sample stations.  I feel like I  need to take like 5 of each because the place is more expensive than I'm used to.  So I do...and I never feel bad.

8.  So the family made their move from Boise to Memphis.  Their house will be done in a couple weeks and they are anxiously awaiting as they are all cramped into an apartment.  I can't believe there is only 3 kids that moved with them.  Time sure does fly! And they are a lot more spoiled than I was-- my dad even took them to see spiderman which came out like this week! A full priced movie? wow.

I'm sure 9 and 10 will come to me later...just a couple updates from the schramms.

pictures certainly don't do them justice. 

Calv's been cooking dinner lately.  

scrapbook ladies. 

This my friends is how you make a mcdonald's dipped cone. no sugar diet...right. 

black cat crossing on friday the 13th.  Any future bad's the explanation.