Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of many

I've been lacking in the photos area these days as all i do is take my iPhone everywhere. So all i ever share is grainy pics from that, but oh well...ill get better at trying.  

The fourth was awesome. Calvin got off work and we started out very healthy like with a trip to the Waffle House.  Being all american we decided to go grease.  It was good to talk and laugh about until about 10 minutes later we headed to the gym. haha. 

We played tennis with our good friends John and Sarah.  We also went to the stake firework show in south carolina, which was an incredible time.  A lot of money was put into that and you would see nothing like it in Utah or Idaho.  I grew up watching the firework show in California up in my grandparents backyard on the mountain and ooohhdd and aweeeeddd at the rose bowl fireworks.  When I moved to Boise I couldn't believe that people were actually ok with the ones on the ground! So anyway, it was good to oooooh and aweeeee again. loved it.  

A little Rita's after some 100 degree tennis

they had a watermelon eating contest there.  We just grabbed them anyway

I ruined this picture. since when do pretty ladies in festive skirts where baseball caps under their bonnets?