Tuesday, September 18, 2012

...that I run for fun

It all started when Calvin made brussel sprouts for dinner last night.  My mind started going all nostalgic on me.  Reminiscing about my younger years, when the going seemed rough and when the only time I used the word brussel sprouts was on my list of nasty veggies.

my mind didn't stop at the sprouts either.

I started thinking about my day to day agenda.  If the ghost of christmas future were to come and tell my 10 year old self that my favorite things when i'm 23 involved veggies, running, and working i would have laughed.

my mind didn't stop at the veggies, running and working thing either...

If somebody were to tell me that I didn't even have the drawer full of my favorite candy and an unlimited stash of bubblegum when I lived on my own I would have not believed them.  If they continued and said that my favorite past times were going on drives, staying home and watching TV, hanging out with my family on weekends I would have sighed at the sad state of my future life.

...That I choose to listen to talk radio on my way to work
              wait work!?!?1
that I try to go to bed before 11
that I wake up at 6 every morning
that my husband is 3 YEARS OLDER than me (that's a 13 year old at the time-- big gap)
that my mom is my best friend
that new years isn't even that cool anymore
that I love to read
that I run for fun
that I only swam 3 times that summer
and that I don't eat all the cookie dough I want before the cookies,

I would stop them right there...I probably wouldn't be able to take it much longer!!

The list of life disappointments could go on for pages.  I could see my 10 year old self feeling like such a future loser.

After thinking about all these things I promised myself i would never forget...It reminded me of everything I do that I would have been happy to hear.

Let the healing begin, oh young one, when I tell you that you will....

Pick out all the cookie dough out of your own ice cream
Get to choose all the reds out of the sour patch kids
Go to bed whenever you want (although it may be a couple hours earlier then expected)
Run miles and miles without stopping
Marry your best friend
Become an Aunt
See a time where there is no hw due tomorrow (class of 2012)
Buy as many chapsticks as you want

Of course this list goes on as well.  I settled down after realizing how much my 10 year old self would be very proud of the goings on in my life.

I have been feeling very blessed this week.  Family, friends, food, fun and faith.  I have changed so much and have barely changed at all it seems.  What a beautiful time of life. Who knew that age 23 would be so amazing.  I love sharing every day with my Calvin...

oh..but ps----You still can't watch the simpson's without a monster amount of guilt.