Thursday, June 28, 2012

summer snacking.

summer snack ideas--

-red pepper and hummus (pay the extra little bit for the red) 
-berries-- they're super cheap at walmart
              dip berries in yogurt and then freeze--pretty good snack
-'sensible portion' brand veggie straws-- usually walmart has these-- 130 calories for like 40 of them
-'kozi' brand rice pudding- 70 calories...there is tapioca too
-slim fast shake- banana, ice, scoop of slim fast, soy milk (peanut butter depending on the day) 
-'wasa' brand crisps-- slather with pb or hummus and they don't taste so bad
-muscle milk- chocolate lite -100 calories
-hard boiled eggs- 70 calories ea
-special k 90 calorie bars- chocolate pretzel is my fave
-special k cereal- oats and honey 100 calories/serving
-soy milk- original silk 70 calories-- this stuff is good!
-coke zero - bad habit
-morning star veggie patties-- around 80 calories i think
-alpine apple cider - 15 calories no sugar added and they're way good
-most importantly a skinny cow (100 cal) every week night for a treat at around 7 or 8. i don't snack after that...well hopefully
-summer salads- hello pinterest

this is the best time for a lot of fruits and veggies so i eat as much as possible and never feel bad.  I keep track of what i eat during the day (myfittnesspal app).  helps me not go overboard-- i tend to do that. 

i'm not a total health nut but because i gain weight by looking at things, I have to be at least conscious. 3 meals a day and the biggest is breakfast. I try not to eat after 8 pm, although weekends are hard.  I try to run about 3 miles a day or 30 min of exercise  Even if it's a weak 30 min, it is the thought that counts. You never regret doing it but you always regret not doing it! The most important thing is eating.  Food increases your metabolism which helps you lose--it's just about eating the right things at the right times.

i'm one to have my ups and downs and all overs and feel the guilt of the late night indulgence, but make a personal platform for yourself so at least it's in the back of your mind. move forward and not backward no matter how slow that is! 

days go by -- so make the best of them!