Friday, June 29, 2012

red white and blue popsicles

ok. maybe another health kick thing but oh well.

something has been bugging me lately. someone and I were talking about being healthy and what not and they mentioned they wished they made better choices when all their kids were growing up. From the baby years to the teenage years they saw themselves as a little bit heavier than they wanted to be.  The hard thing is because moms are constantly bending over backwards for their kids and being as selfless as they can be every waking second.  Sometimes when there is the leftover ice cream in the bowl or the half eaten sandwich they felt like they need to eat it and not waste the food. They mentioned feeling left out if there kids had oreos for treats and that they wanted to participate in what they were doing.  The "feeling left out" thing really has been the thing that has got me thinking.

Kid treats are the bomb. I'll name some of my childhood faves (which i usually had to sneak when mom was gone in the 'hidden' place) whoops

-the red white and blue popsicles
-oreos of course
-fruit by the foot
-mac and cheese
-all fruit bites actually
-lucky charms
-cinnamon toast crunch

ok you get it..the list goes on and on and on and on
and let's face it...i still eat all that stuff.

The biggest kicker for me was that sometimes it feels like an inevitable thing.  The feeling "left out" shouldn't have to be in those baby star crackers that miraculously melt in your mouth and are in a cool container.  It should be feeling left out if you can't go play on the slide, jump in the sprinklers, do the lemonade stand, go on a hike, go to the swimming pool, headstand contests, stick races, and flips on the trampoline.  Because i'm the woman that is apt to go eat oreos in the corner (double stuff)-- well then my goal is to put into perspective where i really don't want to get left out of....and what it really means to embrace being one of the kids.

mere speculation as I am not a mother yet...
my mom had 7 kids and looks better than I do!! how on earth did she DO THAT!!!!

summer is about that time to go outside and enjoy!