Sunday, May 27, 2012


I've been a little lazy with my blog updates.  The funny thing is every time i'm busy with things i forget about the world of social networks and breathe a little bit better and notice things more too. I decided to try and stay busier.

so today is calvin's 27th day of vacation. that may seem ridiculous to some of you that he has had that long to lounge and relax, but he only has 4 more days of relaxing freedom for the rest of his life!!! so he hasn't taken this month lightly.  he reminds me it's vacation a couple of times a day which really means it's my vacation to.  It's really been a blast.

first to boise to help my mom while my dad has been in memphis
then to utah to visit g-parents/family
arizona for my bro's beautiful wedding
new mexico to do some skillful birding with calvin's grandpa
texas to visit calvin's sister melanie and her cute fam

little rock to take a break
memphis to hang with my parents and see their new house
charlotte -- our new home! we've been staying with my in-laws until we found a place.  It took us about a day to do that--we tried to make that as painless as possible.  the process is a lot better than provo, ut like we're used to.
charleston, sc with calv's parents for a short vacay
and now we're in Topsail Island for the rest of the month

Oh and ps.... i'm headed out to boise on friday for my brother's open house in boise and my good friend renee's wedding as well...then to utah to babysit my nieces and take my bro to college----

i will have lived out of a suitcase for six weeks!! heaven help me. can't wait to just come home to...well my own home.

Lots of exciting changes these days. Calvin and I couldn't be happier living in Charlotte.   Let the good times roll.

best custard place ever! this was in memphis

watching the storm role in

Charleston, SC

we are awesome tourists by now

To your left is Fort Sumter ladies and gents.

Topsail Island

I wanted to get a pick of our matching sandals, but calv said he doesn't pose for we just look 3 legged.