Saturday, April 28, 2012


April 25, 2012

I’m in NYC …sitting at starbucks on 6th and 24th. Not so unique as there is almost one on every block.  My stomach is still churning from my interview and I’m not sure what is going to calm the butterflies and relay to myself that it is already over.  The city is interesting to say the least. If I ever thought people-watching was interesting at byu….then wow am I having a ball here. A rainy and overcast day makes for my newly purchased umbrella ever ready to cover my new outfit that I feel semi uncomfortable in.  I’ve already been in and out of gap to buy the cheapest flip flops and change out of my heels so my new blisters can breathe.  Needless to say my mismatched flip flops actually make me feel a little more blended in.  too bad they don’t fit in my new purse either so there’s another bag to add to my heavy laden right shoulder…then left shoulder…then right again….etc etc. 

A day filled with meeting important people, seeing important people, and shaking hands with important people left me feeling a little intimidated most of the 4 hour interview.  I feel privileged of course for the opportunity.  Conde Nast address is 4 Times Square—threw me off a little bit.  Thanks to my iphone I’ve smoothly navigated my way around town…or city…or big city…or crossroads of the world. The highlight was being able to meet the Publisher of Self Magazine.  Nice people—I really hope my nerves didn’t shine through too much.  Touring the building was good too—the famous cafeteria lived up to its reputation. It’s huge and exactly like I thought it would be.  I kept thinking that around the next corner that I was going to see the mean lady on the “Devil Wears Prada” or fittingly the actor of “cruella devil”…enough puppy skin to make me think that as well.  At the restaurant I got a menu item that left me still hungry but probably would have broken my bank account had I paid. What can you say…it was the best fish I ever ate…even though it lasted a couple bites.  Anyway. It was one of the best lunches and interviews i've had. 

I’m taking a lot of pictures…for those who know me, I’m sure that’s not too hard to believe, although I’m sure I won’t be in any of them…the only people I feel comfortable taking my touristy pics are the huge groups of high school students that are doing the same thing.  It’s always embarrassing to be labeled a tourist and it’s definitely not the outfit that takes the label off—it’s a bunch of other things that I won’t go into. The sounds of ny just sound like the hustle and bustle of “when do you need that report?” answer “ten minutes ago”. It’s a hurried life. All the sounds are certainly drowned out by the smells that are so poignant to my provo sensitive nose…the only recognizable smells that I’m used to are the hotpocket smell in the talmage building and the smell of French fries at the malt shoppe.  A lot of my dollars are now in circulation in the hands of the homeless.  You try not to generalize, although 80% I later saw with a beer.  This foursome group on the subway made me reflect a little bit.  I liked their music whether it was actually good or more of a cultural highlight I do not know but I did not feel bad about appreciating their talents.  I was born with a sensitive heart that way I guess. I definitely wonder why my mom never realized how cool runs were in nylons as it really seems to be trending. 

I’m a lot blonder and a lot more paler than I remembered against this sea of people.  It’s a lot like Madrid as to the ways everyone is wearing their classy and unique styles.  So different than provo—a lot less make up…a lot more color (in more ways than one), and a lot less poof.  I wish I brought some classy shades this trip…not for the fashion, but more for the hiding.  An environment “that makes LA look like it’s Hawaii” I’m told—if that’s true I wonder what boise is…wait no Rexburg…wait no Mountain Home!  The food is good…wasn’t wanting to throw down too much on the menu items so the local stores luna bars have kept me going. 

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with one of the BYU Professors I used to work with…she teaches all the fashion classes and sewing at byu. So happens she took a group here at the same time.  She is definitely the epidime of a ny dresser…and definitely almost an eyesore to most people at byu.  Can’t wait to come back here with calvin so we can do what we do best…go ‘sploring.  I’ve heard of the beautiful neighborhoods and because I’m a museum junkie I’m sad I didn’t get to do that either this time…

I’m off to stroll a couple blocks to meet with a few friends that are here.  I told them I want to go to the best local pizza place they know of so I’ll let you know.  Anyway…I will be flying through Chicago tomorrow and hopefully see a friend.  Can’t wait to get back to my love.  Me and NYC definitely missed him. 

Well I just got back from the local pizza place. It was amazing—the fresh mozzarella was so fresh that it looked like melted marshmallow.  It was good to see my friends and feel some familiarity in an unfamiliar place.  I was modest in my portion, although I felt like I could’ve eaten the whole pizza.  Upon getting back to the apartment I’m staying in…(it was about 10)…I was invited by my cousin’s girlfriend to join her in a local jazz bar in harlem.  The mantra I seem to be living by lately is that there is  a fun way to live life, and a not fun one way to life life—you choose. So I did…the subway is a lot better than the public buses of course.  What I didn’t realize was there was a 20$ minimum that you had to pay on food.  At 11 o’clock at night I was hardly feeling like it.  So between an appetizer and a dessert  I was one dollar off of 20. The appetizers that would’ve have made it equal to 20 were all out.  Because I am now a college grad, I was trying to make all the computations I could to add up to 20 without getting a full entrée. No such luck…unless I bought a drink.  I ended up getting a think of buffalo wings…a thing is much more like a bucket….a huge bucket…and I ate three.  I also got a dark chocolate mousse with fresh whipped cream and a strawberry.  A relaxing time with some good jazz music was definitely a great end to my exhausting and exciting day. 

I think my perfume wore off during the first public transit I was on today…but hopefully my deodorant is still keepin’ up. I’m sure if it wasn’t I’d blend a lot more in as well. 

As I’ve read over these previous paragraphs I can’t believe how dry and mechanical I sound.  oh well- journalings ya know.  I now sit in the large Chicago o’hare airport.  I was supposed to meet my friend who goes to law school here but apparently a 2.5 hour layover is not enough to beat the horrible traffic.  It turned out good that I didn’t leave because apparently my gate switched and thanks to the feeling that I couldn’t pick out one Mormon looking person that I got up and asked.  It so happened to move to entirely different terminal and the one I just walked what it seemed 45 minutes from.  Luckily my navigation skills have been pretty sharp and practiced so finding the free shuttle back to the C terminal from which I came wasn’t bad.  I’ve had a sweet tooth on this trip, but I don’t seem to mind as the familiar “I’ll start tomorrow ring” has repeated about 5 times today…so I guess I will—

This morning I woke up and got all of my things together.  I wanted to see a little more of the city and go by the temple before I left.  Again, got out google maps and found the route to the temple and then from there to the LaGuardia airport.  Things wouldn’t be so bad but my internet on my phone hasn’t been working properly unfortunately.  My brother jeff recommended magnolia bakery to me which happened to be just down from the temple.  A very cute bakery.  Light and bright and I didn’t mind the thought of me eating a cupcake for breakfast, especially with the title flourless chocolate cake with a vanilla bean merengue.  It was amazing…I made sure I just stopped at one.  Thinking I should probably grab some lunch and burning a lot more extra calories trunking my bag and purse around, I stopped at a place called nanoosh that was a hummus bar.  I got a really great hummus wrap with a side of quinoa salad. It was delicious! Fresh and not greasy which my stomach definitely appreciated.  Loved walking to all of my favorite stores like zara and burberry—more for the eyes and not for the wallet of course. 

I was also standing in line getting a sample of yummy popcorn and I noticed a distant relative.  Well my mom’s cousins but I had never met him.  Because most of my social ques have been somewhat confused along the way from provo to times square I asked if his last name was Sheffield.  It was! I was so proud of my networking skills that I feel I acquired coincidentally from the Sheffield side of the family.  I guess since I asked I will never have to wonder.  I also saw Elizabeth smart In the same line and consider the Chicago ohare airport to be a small world

Now off to the good ole’ SLC to see my husband.  I can’t wait! I’ve missed him a lot and hate not sharing these cool experiences with him.  Just another trip we'll have to take together J we are anticipating a lot of roadtrips next week between Boise, Mesa and then to charlotte so I don’t count my traveling days over yet, but I hope I can get over my sweet tooth before I meet with the 20 gas stations we are sure to visit.

It’s interesting that I was so enveloped in the fashion realm as I do not consider myself a fashionable person.  Quite a contrast to my high school years where I lived in boys basketball shorts.  Funny thing is I really wish I had them on instead of these suit pants.  Maturity I guess although I still don’t know what that means in my 23rd year.  There is definitely something to be said about experiencing NYC alone.  I felt accomplished that I didn’t have any real problems navigating my way around.  I forgot what parent I got my good sense of direction from.  I hear both of them say that.  It was definitely fun soaking it all in by myself.  I feel like I’ve learned a lot.

Again, greetings from the cities

this is where i had the lunch for half of interview.