Monday, February 6, 2012

so there's this man

so there's this man
and there's one too many thoughts to put down about him. 
i felt like spending some time thinking about how amazing he is. 
it all started in september 2008...and it's not really going to stop. 

we have...

  • big dreams - little money
  • cheap dates - expensive tastes
  • clean rooms(lied)- dirty shoes
  • fast metabolisms(calvin)- slow metabolisms (courtney)
  • fat no phat- thin not really
    • tall socks (calv)- short socks (court)
    • thick hair (court)- thin hair (calv)
  • full hearts- empty fridge
  • good days- bad days
  • love each other- hate cats
  • happy memories - sad memories
  • hot pockets- cold ice cream
  • inside jokes - outside vacations
  • light eyes- dark eyes
  • long legs(calv)- short legs (court)
  • new crockpot- old tvs
  • right brained- left brained
  • safe drivers- dangerous appetites
  • soft music- hard heads
  • strong minds- weak knees
  • young age- old tastes

although we are made up of a bunch of opposites, I could  never imagine my life without him. he's easy to brag about and he's easy to smile about.  for anyone who knows my calvin, 
I'm one lucky gal. 


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