Tuesday, September 20, 2011

happy list.

It’s the Simple things really.

1. A dark room, midnight, my favorite music and introspection
2. Farmer’s Markets
3. Sending a letter that I’ve taken the time to write.
3.5 The edges and corners of casseroles.
4. Wasting hours in Barnes & Noble… and walking out with nothing except ideas
5. When my mom plays with my hair. Yes rare. Yes happy.
6. Swimming at night
7. Unwrapped tiny Reeses. New. Solid. Dangerous.
8. A long conversation with a good friend- never take good memories for granted.
9. The way He looks at you across a crowded room
10. People Watching- people have a lot to offer in their ‘just being’ moments.

unfortunately and fortunately i have a million more of these. shared and unshared. life is full of happiness. let us take the time to notice.