Thursday, September 15, 2011


After 12 miserable hours on campus yesterday. I felt REALLY good sitting on the couch.

i saw a 7 on my way to campus, saw the 7 when calv picked me up from campus.

so in celebration i'm skipping class today and calvin are going to hane out in the canyon. you know the whole start 'fall' celebration early thing (but also not so responsible thing). all for the cause of course...sorry mom :0

i guess that's life, and i'm happy to be living a good one.

If we all had signs describing some of our lives greatest challenges on them ( i'm sure we would all be a little more genuine and forgiving. So i'm going to try to do that.

also have you tried the tapatio doritos...they're goood know when i watch calvin eating them ;)

Early Fall Air

Oh how this air livens my soul,
and invigorates me so,
to live to breathe and to breathe so to feel this gentle wind brush my cheek,
that is the feeling that for so long i did seek,
pondering now as this summer comes to a close
everything is different now
or is it just me?
something somewhere surely has changed
for i feel it writhing deep within me
but it's the hero breaking free his shackles
that kept bolted and melded have been so long
now seeking no revenge just the sweet freedom of life
this hero breaks his shell
all because of this early fall air,
and how it echoes and befriends me
and tells me of things to come,
I am alive,
if only while i feel that gentle air caress my face.
David Thomas