Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sacrifice i call it.

so this weekend we went to cafe rio. no cafe rio in north carolina and no cafe rio according my calorie counter(myfitnesspal app)...haven't had it since april soooooooo

i've concluded there are just times in life where cafe rio is the only logical choice for my problems (problems probably being defined as being saturday night...and grocery healthy choices ran out). mind you i did sacrifice..didn't get the normal 1200 calorie pork salad with extra cheese and shredded lettuce all dressed up in the house ranch...but the 300 calorie chicken tacos were ok. ok is an understatement. the tres leches split three ways was still a fourth of what i'm supposed to eat all day...but boy, i'll run a little extra for that baby.

and apparently i'm really happy about it

i'm sure i'll find a lot more excuses to come here as i train for a half marathon

happy runnin' and happy eatin' ya know..