Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas time

Christmas is my favorite time of the year-- sound familiar? I swear everyone has something to say about the season on their facebook status...Like: "stuck in SL" "where's the pretend snow storm" "hot cocoa with my baby" "25 days" "24 days" "can these 2 weeks be over" and the like...glad tidings everyone from the schramms btw....Today it has been 5 years since Emily has passed away can you believe it...I miss her as much as ever and look to her example daily. Thanksgiving- ummm why didn't you ever stop me on my 5th Sees candy?! for breakfast! man i sure took as much as i could in with the holiday-- literally... I find myself twice as hungry as usual and twice as much not wanting to finish my hw and twice as much not wanting to exercise. I'm such a typical holidayer--it must be stopped. Things are good with me though. As banal as it sounds, the season does bring an immense feeling of reflection and joy for life. Makes me want to bring cookies and treats to everyone i know and then eat the leftovers i guess. I have to continually tell my self to finish the semester out strong-it's dang hard. I love my family so much. Parker called me yesterday at 6 26 am to tell me that there was a 'snow day' in boise. Boy, as cool as that is, nothing is cool at 6 26 apparently- but thanks for rubbin' it in Park. I want to be a better person, and this time i really mean it. Things happen in this world that is not within our control, but there are so many things that are- i really hope that will stop scaring me. How beautiful the opportunities are that I have in my life, what a wonderful blessing it is to know that my husband loves me to pieces. Man mom, teach me how to take a little more control in my life and go for anything that i want to. I want to be a part of making other's dreams happen and smile a lot more, because there is always something to smile about. Love you dearly, you are beautiful in every way and i owe so much of me to you.

A couple things for the light and hard hearted...
1. I need a hat that will cover my ears so i don't have to check if they have fallen off yet...
2. Food you have been so good to me, but ... just a little less
3. I hate driving in the snow
4. BSU- through and through-- but mainly through the field goal next time
5. I think facebook needs a break from me
6. Ali Hunter- you will be missed-- Costa Rica is lucky to have you for 18 months
7. Dude girl...take this's so nasty (Urban outfitters- i'm ashamed)
8.when did this become cute
9. egg nog
9.5 Newport Beach- thanks for everything this last week
10. I'm happy and i love my husband