Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cool, Calm, Collected, Christmas

Dear Mom,
Great to be home for Christmas. Finals turned out ok...i mean everything in life seems pretty much ok when i'm back here. It's always great to end another year, but more exciting to start a new one...let's just hope i don't end it 10 pounds heavier from great harvest bread (pumpkin choc. chip to be exact).
1. Running + Ice = Trip
2. Winco - the chocolate rocks...only trip of the break i promise
3. BSU tonight...can't wait for the game
4. The snow on the house is pretty, but i still miss the sun.
5. Buffalo Wild Wings- Parmesan Garlic- yes.
6. BFF reunion tomorrow, can't wait!
7. When i'm a mom i will pick my owwwwnnn christmas pics to go on the cards...
8. this year im just not going to have an ugly picture so there's not even a choice of a yuck pic on the card.
9. Tamarack. Cabin. New Years. Deal
10. Any takers on Fruit Ninja arcade or classic Mode? I'll take you on.
11. Avett Brothers- "I and love and you"
12. Christmas are dead to me....

Loving life, Loving Calvin, and loving the Holiday Spirit. May it make my siblings stop fighting with me...For the last time-- i didn't wreck the Fort!!

Love for always,