Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hey mom,
Thanks for letting me crash in the guest room for the past two weekends...I'm sooo cool for going there twice in a row. I told you i had to come down for halloween cause it stinks if your not a kid and you don't have any and..if you live in a lame apartment in don't come to creeper basement apartments. BTW i'm obsessed with hint of lime tostitos...all day baby. never eat a breakfast burrito (home made ) at 11 30 pm...didn't do so well for my stomach. i've had 2 huge tests in the past 24 strictly memorizing and one strictly essay...seriously in the library for four hours and then took it, and then looked out the fourth floor window and it started snowing. o i will show you a picture of my face that i took when there was a mom in the library with her baby and it was crying and she was in the desk in front of me...i was sooo confused about it..whhhhatttt the...tomorrow is another long day at school...but i think the weekend will make up for it-- mainly i want to sleep in. I'm not going to feel that i'm wasting the day if i take a nap.. Oh and seriously why are naps soooo much better at school- seriously i should just go there when i want to take one....well going to keep this blog post short cause i want to sleep and wake up with enough time to eat some honey bunches of oats (wish i had just bunches dane it)....there's like 4 million people getting married during thanksgiving break...shout out to them because being married is the happiest thing that ever happened to me...

love to all, may we think of someone else today...
love for always,

cafe rio two nights in a row- yes please
so cool right now
the trees where you think you are almost home-- but you're actually not

wish i that was my candy so i can participate in trading competitively
obsessed with school