Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Well, my favorite season is gone I think. For reals- it snowed today. I woke up to snow. My cousin told me to go look outside last night to see how big the snowflakes were, but I refused. Also my throat started to hurt last night and now I’m sick today—ugh. So now I’m at home watching food network and doing some homework and wishing calvin would just skip school, also that i can have this dress. So happy we are coming this weekend- Halloween is kind of a lame holiday when you are an in betweener…not a kid and you don’t have kids. Some things I have been thinking about.

1. Byu wouldn’t let my friend take her test because she had a shaved head…um who carrrreeessss
2. It’s hard to coordinate time to hang out with my friends—I need tooooo.
3. Iron chef – I love you
4. Animal planet- I love you
5. I need to dress like an Eskimo when I go outside—oh wait the classrooms are like 95 degrees- lame
6. Emily’s 22nd b day yesterday…love you Em- I miss you
7. Idaho Falls was a blast this weekend! – shout out to the barneys and justin
8. Chocolate rocks from winco....yes please…thanks
9. Note to self—water proof boots make the most sense…
10. Liked this quote : A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.
-- Charles Gordy
11. Cant wait to see you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayayayayayayay

love for always,