Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall in Love - Love in Fall

Dear mom,
Busy. That's all. Too many tests and studying and homework and not enough time for the good things in life-- but i manage to squeeze them in. What a good and relaxing weekend. I love fall. This is for sure- one of the only highlights of utah seasons are the canyons and the pretty trees, wait-- nope i think that's it. Anyway-- calv and i studied for a lot of the weekend- i went to charlene's baby shower on friday- no kidding she is like one of the cutest pregnant ladies i have ever seen. Also the kneaders in lehi is like 500 times better and bigger than the one here-- i was staring at their like 15 variety sweets heaven. holy cow. Grandma's funeral was beautiful wasn't it-- man i miss that lovely lady- as vintage and golden as ever. How are things up in boise-- miss that place, especially with all the hype of BSU-- yay go broncos. Makes up for byu stinkin' it up-- wait it does. Calv and i went running today at 6 15-- i had to check the clock again because we went outside and there were stars and the moon and it was way dark ... I laughed so hard when you told me on Saturday that the kids would just stare at the people that came for the garage sale. so awkward. "like a longing -- please buy my hot wheels and books" lol man i miss those guys. Seriously have you ever had those weeks where you are like 'there is no way i will make it through the end-- how on earth will i make it through the days'-- ya this week is one of those and this time i'm serious. Think positive Courtney- and no more spider solitaire during class, ok just history. A couple things to keep me smiling:

1. bobby pins are like tennis balls- you can never have enough
2. it probably was a site to see my bike drowning in the puddles of water from the rain today-- with my tennis racket and my hair soaked and sticking to my face...hott.
3. But seriously cars-- immature to splash large puddles at other cars. stop. grow up.
4. Go BSU orange and blue
5. yay winter clothes already
6. Test during general conference? but really.
7. Park City Date this Weekend--please come faster
8. Calv and i are best friends-- so funny - he cracks me up
9. Neighbor- please turn your sewing machine and footsteps on mute. thank you. I turned my online stats lessons up waaay too high to drown you out....
10. Picnics, leaves, trees, drives, pictures, sweaters, boots, and smiles,
11 My baby made me dinner tonight-- seems to be a usual thing
12.I need more "Just Bunches"
13. Live, Laugh, Love, and Nordstrom

May we Count our blessings this week and make memories.
Love for always,