Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Andie Turned 1!!

Here is a quick picture dump of Andie Emily Schramm. She turned 1 on 7/11 and we were so happy! I have a lot to catch up on including the Bronson family reunion in watercolor fl, the schramm family reunion in topsail island, nc and many other summer fun activities we have been having. It's been a great summer and boy is our baby just getting so big....sigh... We celebrated with my family and then just had a small family party here in Charlotte. No bells and whistles-- go me!

She loves to dance-- after crawling before 6 months she finally started walking around 11 months! But now we can't stop her. She is very goofy. When around other kids she is very observant-- loves when any kid plays or pays attention to her. She says mommy, daddy, shoes, bye, hi, ball, dog, book, birdie and maybe a few more. She gives the best hugs and still snuggles with us. The hardest thing right now...1 pm church! Love this strong spirited beautiful girl. 

it's tradition the 7/11 birthday slurpee run!!

hike up crowder's mountain

she loves loves loves when dadda walks through the door-- don't we all!

I have been feeling like there is so much negative news among friends, family etc. and the ways of the world seem to bog me down. I can slump all day with worry, anxiety, fear and sadness (and sometimes I do-- dumb me)...but every day I try to smile, be strong, make sure to laugh a lot and be grateful. Becoming a mom has taught me countless lessons. To many, my life at home may seem mundane, simple and small, yet only I know how much I have changed for the better and would never wish it any other way.  I am very grateful for the many relationships that surround me and push me to become my best self. Gratitude is key.