Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summer 2015 part 1

This summer has been BUSY! Just documenting a few highlights-- 

Lots of beach trips this summer

We love stopping in Wilmington. We love to eat at "I love NY Pizza" and kilwins ice cream on the boardwalk 

Bronsons invade Charlotte! awesome

supa cool

trendy and overpriced waffles... where's the syrup people?!

Supporting bently arbon at her mission call party! washington is oh so lucky

happy 30th to my awesome Liz!!

calv is the best

 We went to the gym pretty late one night and these babies looked like zombies!

summer nights

dirt tan

Kellie had a layover in CLT on her way to BYU! she will do great things. I took her to the most classy place...bojangles. 

our partners in crime came back to us!