Wednesday, January 7, 2015

the end and start!

Bucket list for the year...pretty blurry quality but some random ones:
1. take andie uptown on the train
2. help calvin finish our cornhole game
3. groupon pontoon on Lake Norman with friends
4. go to a drive in movie
5. go to a theme park
6. learn a new piano piece
7. talk on the phone with all my siblings in one day
8. have a staycation with calv
9. support a friend at an event
10. harry potter movie marathon

    1. I had a baby
    2. I survived pregnancy
    3. I hiked Mount LeConte 28 weeks pregnant
    4. Ate my way through NYC
    5. Had baby showers
    6. Visited the beach 14 times
    7. Stayed at the Grand America Hotel
    8. Drove to Memphis 3 times
    9. Visited friends in DC
    10.  Ate a lot of sushi
    11. Working an awesome job at Liberty Mutual (still miss it)
    12. Played in the snow and got 3 days off of work because of it
    13. Went to watercolor, FL twice (one 4 days after giving birth)
    14. Made carrot cake with calvin
    15. Turned 25
    16. Went to the BlueRidge Mountains
    17. Watched my aunt speak at general conference
    18. Visited my cousin Emily's grave
    19. picked strawberries
    20. went to cheesecake factory in saturday work clothes
    21. Designed andie's nursery
    22. became a mom
    23. Went to uptown many times to explore
    24. went on an airplane twice with andie
    25. hung out with my sister kristen here in charlotte
    26. andie's baby blessing
    27. jogged down queen st. uptown in the fall
    28. went to hailey's soccer game in franklin, tn
    29 discovered va di vie gelato
    30. decorated christmas sugar cookies
     31. had christmas in memphis and thanksgiving with the antczaks
    32. went to an NBA game
   33. had breakfast in bed
   34. saw inside an air traffic control center
    35. made homemade twix
    36. made pumpkin soup with calvin
   37. found a trusty banana bread recipe
   38. cut my hair
   39.went to so you think you can dance
   40. plenty of girl's nights
  41. planted bulbs by my mailbox
  42. made new friends
  43. two of my sisters got pregnant -- awesome!
  44. andie will have 6 cousins within a year of her (off topic)
   and much more! can't wait for what we'll do in 2015!