Monday, January 12, 2015

6 months

my beautiful baby is 6 months old today. she is beautiful in every way.

- she has slept amazing since 3 weeks old-- like literally no less than 8 hour stretches or more. we definitely lucked out in that department (which is one darn large department). The last week or so she has been waking up early and since I've been too lazy i've let her come in our bed. we made 'mega' bed again which means we put our two queens beds together haha. She sleeps perfectly with me--but I try and break that habit because it's usually me that doesn't like it when she has to go back. Nap time is good too-- she usually takes 2 big naps and 1 small one.

we've introduced rice cereal at 4 months. She does pretty good and i've also started some sweet potatoes. i've tried carrots and she hated that. she usually has about 25 ish ounces of formula including whatever i make with her rice. she's starting to hold her own bottle and feedings are a tad bit harder as she is getting wiggly and a lot more curious.

she rolled front to back and back to front just before 3 months and then started sitting up around 4.5 months. she's been scooting and strategically rolling as we call it since about 3.5 months too. she loves tags and plugs and crinkly things so we have to be cautious. one of her toys is literally an icebreakers container ha. she will keep herself entertained on the floor for a good while. it's so nice. she loves going on runs/walks with me. she also loves watching other babies, kids and dogs.

people always tell me that they feel like when she looks at them that she 'knows' something. Even doctors tell me how alert she is etc. from day 1. She is a very smiley and happy baby. She has been fake laughing a lot lately and wiggling (looks like dancing). She also started playing 'peek a boo' but it scares me because she puts blankets on herself...but at least she can also take them off??? ugh. she likes to facetime family and loves to practice walking-- she cracks up when we help her. she loves her dad. we love her gummy grin and luckily we get to see it all the time.

mom thoughts
As a mom this last 6 months have been great. slow and fast at the same time. i feel like the newborn 'fog' lifted after about 3-4 months (hope it is sooner with the next) (wait has it even lifted??). physically i don't remember waking up feeling good until like 5 months or so-- where i could run without feeling discomfort somewhere. still have aches in my back from epidural that are pretty annoying. anyway hoping the next 6 months gets better as far as that goes. i love being a mom. i love making my baby smile and laugh and looking at her knowing she is half of me and half of calv. it blows my mind. she reminds me of calv a lot-- mostly her happy demeanor. we are getting to know each other more as time passes. calv and i love being parents and we love learning together.

motherhood is not easy. seriously my 9-5 was even easier although still stressful-- but this mom gig--wow. exhausting.

it is a rewarding, beautiful, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual experience and i'm enjoying being needed by this smart and happy little girl.