Monday, June 2, 2014


I can't believe it's the month of June! Time sure is going by fast isn't it. The doctor wrote me out of work until baby comes so I am finally getting some time to work on the nursery for little miss and finish things around the home. 

Some things for me to remember
1. I've always considered myself pretty coordinated...and in this last trimester, I honestly can't even count how many times I've spilled on myself or broke things. My tummy definitely gets in the way but it's more of me dropping things and being clumsy. I hope this ends!
2. Baby girl has been head down most of the pregnancy so her feet in my ribs is a constant thing
3. Leg cramps are still coming on later in the evening but it's a good thing calv gives good foot rubs
4. Some names are definitely being tossed around, but no real decision yet. I hope to have a couple in mind and then once I see baby I'll know a bit better. 
5. My snapdragon bulbs I planted at the end of February have now bloomed flowers this week! I also got some tomatoes. 

Baby clothes and blankets are washed-- uh hope she doesn't come this week because we still need a car seat! Can't wait!