Saturday, January 4, 2014

the goods, the bads, and others

So many different feelings and emotions these past couple months.  I'm creeping up to my 16 week mark. I wanted to jot down some quick thoughts on how things have progressed on pregnancy thus far...

The good:
1. This list may be a bit shorter...but I'll just say that I couldn't be happier that I am going to have a baby
2. We are finally getting around to some 'house' chores -- finding our 'nesting' drive I guess
3. I still fit most all of my clothes but lookin' a little muffin toppy lately. not the cute pregnant kind. at all. at all.
4. New budget. totally.
5. people all of a sudden seem interested in my life. i'm sure it will stop when they notice I don't have fashion pregnancy posts or pregnancy recipes and exercises to contribute to the world. If you need a good pair of sweats, let me know.
6. Pampering by calvin is the best kind of pampering

The bad
1. I don't seem to glow these days...maybe I do actually.  I glow with a pale after glow of toilet visits.
2. New budget
3. I've had a couple experiences at work where I dash off awkwardly only to get to the toilet just in time.
4. I thought i had constipation problems before...well now with the added side effects of my nausea medication, I really have constipation problems.
5. I have thrown up just by smelling calvin's cheeze-it breath.
6. eat so I don't throw up. Throw up what I eat. never ending circle. I am one of those 'lucky' ones. Me and kelly clarkson.
7. People said I'd be on the up and up after 12 weeks. Ya that hasn't happened but the last 4 weeks I have pretended to have more energy than crawling around my house. I go on 2 mile jog/walks every day and get up and move whenever possible.
8. hair same. nails same.
9. no maternal hunches of gender. I've gotten both boy and girl predictions.

Some of our thoughts that have been voiced lately:
1. "Mom"---"why didn't you tell me pregnancy was sooooooo hard?!" - me being whimpy
2. calvin: "hey babe!"
    me: "hey"
    calvin: "not you...."
3. "'s moving". Calvin at our ultrasound.
    nurse: yes it moves.
4. me most days: "ya well my apps said....."
5 Mom: "you need to have this love seat in the baby's room for when I come" (mom on holding the baby and never wanting to leave my house)

Random stuff I've consumed (not for cravings but because my nausea told me to so I don't throw up)
1. 7 11 slurpee
2. I'm chik fil a'd out...what the heck?!? I never thought I would say that
3. lame ice cream from gas station on road trip. gotta have it
4. cheetos from work vending machine. it happened once...ok twice. then I healed myself.
5.  lo mein

Keepin' up with my green smoothies and salads. I haven't gotten any cravings yet...yet...