Tuesday, September 10, 2013

another update

I just need to make an update to my update, so I don't forget some of my thoughts.

This week is my second week of work.  I have been driving to and from with big smiles on my face.  I have about a 4 minute commute each way. I go in about 8:45 and leave about 4:15 with about an hour lunch.  I have been coming home and enjoying some walks.  I am amazed at the great people I'm meeting...the southern charm never ceases to amaze me...i love it!. Also I have dressed casually for about the last week so um...lovin that!  Training has been pretty intense but good.  I'm headed off to Boston for about 2 weeks at the beginning of October.  I'll miss my Calvin-- but will get to reconnect with some bffs up there so I'm so excited for that.

My parents and my two younger siblings were able to come to CLT for labor day.  What a treat it was for me to host them here! Family really is what it's all about.  Nothing makes me happier than feeling needed as an older sister. Charlotte has really started feeling like my real home and I love where we live.  Beautiful and with great people-- I just couldn't ask for more. Church service has been pretty busy for me-- gave a talk to our congregation and was also scheduled to teach a lesson for my 12-13 year old girls for Sunday School hour with some things in between.  I'm just glad that it is over with-- but feel grateful for the opportunity to take time to learn and research good topics.

We are most likely headed to DC this weekend to reconnect with some good friends.  Photography -- although I've tried to tame the demands, is in the busy mode still. I can't complain too much but will work on keeping it to a minimum.  I am doing a two behind the scenes fashion shows at the end of the month that will be great to attend.

Things have been pretty good. My laundry baskets are full, i didn't make the bed this morning, and the dishes just got done from sunday but other than that I'm surviving.  Calvin worked on our backyard deck this weekend and made it look great-- let me tell ya that it is just plain awesome to have such a handy man around.  Marathon training is slow but steady and will get easier and easier.

I feel very blessed and anxious for the beautiful autumn season just around the corner!

The great outdoors always puts things into perspective

We're not done with our bathroom reno but wanted to show that i have been trying new things with my hair....i tend to do that every 1 out of 365 days. 

Calvin entertaining us with fake craigslist ads. Jenga, full bellies, and great conversation. 

My favorite breakfast these days. Greek yogurt (costco), strawberries, some honey, and this granola from costco (pick out raisins) -- credit to Sarah G. -- awesome!

There were other people on the other side of this table.  We couldn't eat these by ourselves (fib) ....this is calvin's fake smile that he loves doing pretty often...