Monday, August 19, 2013


Things have been busy at our home the past couple weeks. Our bffs unfortunately are moving from the holy southern land to the california coast. They'll be right on Newport beach, so it's hard to be super sad for that. They got to stay at our home for about 2 weeks and some change-- John left earlier to start work.  Needless to say me and Sarah are hilarious together and had an amazing time making our last memories here in Charlotte. It will be hard losing a friend that just gets me! We've planned many a cruise and vacay in the future!

Also-- wait for it.....I got a job. I've been seriously looking for a good two months, but didn't want to settle for a commute. Luckily-- after a little over a month process, I got a job at Liberty Mutual.  I will be a claims adjuster for them which is pretty comparable to my old job at FIG. The best part about it is that it is a 4 minute commute. I was also interviewing with MetLife off and on but the job wouldn't start til October.  Liberty Mutual was a better option in all aspects so I couldn't turn it down.  The moment I accepted the offer, I found out MetLife wanted me as well-- That was an attractive prospect as well as it is a whoppin' 2 minutes from my house.  oh well! I feel very blessed.

I am continuing my photography business but will trim down my schedule a lot.  I have been working with a couple local business and have been doing some family pictures.  It's fun and good practice for me. Learning a lot and it has been really fun!

Calvin and I have been playing a lot of tennis.  I am hopefully going to join a league and get my competitive side going again.  Marathon training is also underway!

I also got a new 'calling' at my church.  I will be working with the teenage girls (12-13) in my congregation.  Haven't felt so intimidated for a long time but I am so excited for the experience.

Anyway-- things are going great.  Still decorating and furnishing the house which is fun! Coming together!