Monday, June 24, 2013


Schrammunion 2013 was a success! It was so good to spend time with family.  It was the first time we have all been able to be together so it was very special.  It coupled as a send off for the Schrammparents for their new adventure in Chile.  

1. Eating my weight in sour straws and strips (thanks to the bartletts)
2. Seeing all the littles play together and the occasional and entertaining quarrels 
3. Putting my phone away for most of the day
4. bananagrams
5. waking up and going to bed with a stellar view and fun people
6. the beach look-- bad hair don't care
7. a good try at keeping up on my running routine
8. schrammpa's big catch! he can go to chile complete!
9. laying in the sun
10. letting the waves pumble your face-- nothing like it!
11. learning and being with our family

1. Eating my weight in sour straws and strips
2. shooting pains through my feet when jumping off the bunk bed

Here are a couple pics of the kids on the deck one evening.  More pictures to come-- (I always take too many!)