Saturday, April 20, 2013

saturday afternoon.

First Home Impressions

1. Bigger house-- Bigger Chores

2. Our first purchase was a lawn mower-- our second was a weed whacker...I think I'm due for a couch now.

3. My alarm clock has been the songs of birds-- It's kind of like pushing the snooze button because they sing the same 'tune' over and over and over and over....But -- it's beautiful nonetheless.

4. A lot of people have dogs. They love their dogs as children-- I need to get used to it.

5. Don't lock yourself out of the house on the second day you're in it. No one can save you.

6. I love sitting outside on my own porch in a camping chair enjoying the evenings.

7. Kids laughing, Roller skaters skating, runners running, grandmas walking, dogs barking, cats wandering, families swimming, teenagers mowing, toddlers 3 wheelin',  furniture drop-offs are all some of the familiar and perfect parts of moving to a neighborhood.  feels great.

8. I all of a sudden started cooking exponentially more than normal and I think it's because of my fridge. I have a crush on my fridge...and the swiffer-- i like that swiffer.

It's been a week of reflection and new beginnings, but also of sad news and disappointments in the world. I have tried to keep my thoughts on the 'surface' and stay off the internet as my heart as been heavy.  I am a very curious person and when there are big news events or hard times-- I usually read all about it and engulf and depress myself in the details.  This time-- I tried a new way and stayed away from it. Praying for those that were effected, but found reassurance through spiritual confirmation that God is aware of all trials and is the means to find true peace through them.

It's the simple things that keep life happy.  This busy Saturday morning my new neighbor was the first one to ever knock on our door.  She introduced her family and gave me some homemade cupcakes.  I don't think she'll ever really know how much that meant to me. Life is full of good people, beautiful things and opportunities to become better.

Feeling very grateful for my life and have a renewed sense that keeping positive is always the better way.