Monday, March 11, 2013

oh there's more!

Busy catching up with real life these days. Haven't gotten a chance to put my thoughts all together. We are still talking about our great time! Calvin went on his church mission to Italy and I went on a study abroad to Spain, so France was fun for us both.  So many similarities!

You wouldn't be able to tell that I tried to put my camera down sometimes and just enjoy France! I love seeing life through the lens so it was tough. It was either that or putting food in my mouth, which of course was most of the trip!!

We have been busy with the house process and packed our bags to europe right in the middle of it. It should all be done in a few short weeks. We are feeling very blessed and looking forward to a weekend in Hilton Head with my folks (yes a short weekend)....and the next couple weekends after that I will be lounging around in my sweats hopefully doing nothing. Well that's my dream anyway!